6 Colorful Umbrellas Floating in the Streets in Portugal



Agitagueda Art Festival, Agueda, Portugal. For the second summer in a row, the streets in Portugal city get filled with colorful umbrellas. The spectacular site is an art installation, celebrating the festival.

During July the umbrellas are hung above some streets of Agueda. The Medieval city on its own is an interesting spot to visit, but with these artistic installations it is even more compelling.

The installation was made by design brand Studio Ivotavares. Apparently it is so amusing and inspiring, that a few cities in the foreign countries have also made an attempt to decorate the towns with the umbrellas.

If you are in Portugal now, you might want to visit Agueda. Or you can do it the next year: visitors, who had an opportunity to see the installations, have appreciated the experience a lot!





Untitled-181 floating-umbrellas-installation-agueda-portugal-10


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