A Vacationer's Paradise in Mykonos Island, Greece



Mykonos Island, Greece. The Greek island in Aegean Sea is one of the most popular destinations of the many in the country. A lot of celebrities have fallen in love with Mykonos and visit it for a vacation.

The island has a long history, since it was inhabited by Ancient Egyptians, Ionians, Phoenicians and others. Therefore, the curious tourists visit Archeological Museum, archeological site of Delos or Aegean Maritime Museum. Lena’s House gives an opportunity to have a glimpse into the home of a 19th-century Mykonos family.





he Mykonos windmills is a signature feature of the island. They were built between 16th and 20th centuries by the Venetians. The windmills can be seen from any location on the island, because they stand on the highest hill, which rises to 341 m (1,119 ft) height. There is a museum in one of them.

The pleasures of sun, beach and sea are, of course, the main attraction. The tourists can choose from many of them: some are for a quiet relaxation, others provide entertainments like dance or water activities. Mykonos is also famous for a nightlife. It seems that the small island can fit any vacationer’s taste!







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