Breathtaking Skaftafell Ice Caves in Iceland



Skaftafell National Park is a magnificent area and is part of Vatnajökull National Park, Iceland. The natural wonders – ice caves – are found here, that attract many visitors and photographers.

The caves are found in a glacier lagoon. Usually such spaces are dark and not that picturesque. However, in Skaftafell these caves are filled with light and overwhelm with their beauty frozen in time.

Skaftafell-Ice-Caves-2-600x400 Skaftafell-Ice-Caves-600x400 Skaftafell-Ice-Caves-4-600x366 Skaftafell-Ice-Caves-12-600x388 Skaftafell-Ice-Caves-3-600x802 Skaftafell-Ice-Caves-9-600x400 Skaftafell-Ice-Caves-14 Skaftafell-Ice-Caves-6-600x400 Skaftafell-Ice-Caves-13-600x398 Skaftafell-Ice-Caves-5-600x400 Skaftafell-Ice-Caves-8-600x400 Skaftafell-Ice-Caves-7-600x400 Skaftafell-Ice-Caves-10-600x400


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