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Gorgeous Quinta da Regaleira Palace in Sintra

Quinta da Regaleira, Sintra, Portugal. The city is a cultural and historic jewel of Portugal, visited by many tourists everyday. Many architectural sites in the city, as well as Quinta da Regaleira, are included in UNESCO’s list. A romantic palace and chapel were built between 1904 and 1910. The Romantic and Gothic styles blend well together. [...]



Experience The Atlantic Road Trip in Norway

The Atlantic Road or the Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway. A 8.3-kilometer (5.2 mi) long road stretches through the archipelago in the Norwegian Sea. Besides some rocky islands and skerries, the road is build above water and often looks like an enormous bridge. The construction took place between 1983 and 1989. The road paid off fairly quickly [...]



Top 10 Sites in Paris

Paris is certainly one of the most beautiful cities in the world. French are proud people and they have a lot to reasons to be that way. The French capital alone has many incredible sites and it is best to have at least two three days to explore it. Here are top 10 things to [...]



A Vacationer's Paradise in Mykonos Island, Greece

Mykonos Island, Greece. The Greek island in Aegean Sea is one of the most popular destinations of the many in the country. A lot of celebrities have fallen in love with Mykonos and visit it for a vacation. The island has a long history, since it was inhabited by Ancient Egyptians, Ionians, Phoenicians and others. Therefore, [...]



Violet Lavender Fields in Provence, France

Provence, France. The region in southern France is definitely a big attraction in the country. Writers, painters and tourists have been mesmerized with this place for ages. The province on the Mediterranean Sea coast has a hypnotic effect indeed. Besides the lovely Côte d’Azur and pleasures of the beaches, Provence is known for the quiet, but [...]




Top 10 Places to Visit in Rome

Rome – the Eternal City – is a museum on its own. Rich architecture, where every detail is measured, draws attention at every step you make. It is enhanced by the vivid natural colors of the sky and nature, that are extremely bright in Italy. The history, culture, lifestyle and fashion blend well together, creating [...]



Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Plitvice Lakes National Park, located in Croatia, in Dinaric Alps, was established in 1949. The natural wonder covers over 296.85 km2 of area. It is the most visited park in the region, attracting tourists from all around the world. The park is protected by UNESCO. The unique place is a result of karst hydrography. It [...]




Santorini Island in Greece

Santorini is a volcanic island, located in the Aegean Sea, 63 nautical miles north of Crete and 120 miles fromGreece. Santorini is a part of a larger group of islands and is considered to be the most beautiful and visited of all in the area. The beautiful sea pearl has a rich history. Santorini is the [...]