Hot Lava Crashes into The Sea of Hawaii



Hawaii is known for its pleasant climate and sandy beaches. However, it is a collection of volcanic islands. And the volcanoes are still very active there. Since Maunaloa and Kilauea eruptions in early 1980′s, Loihi is erupting casually since 1996.

Although the view of an erupting volcano is spectacular, it is extremely dangerous to be around. However, two photographers took their chance and made a brilliant session. Nick Selway, 28, and CJ Kale, 35, captured the natural fireworks.

The duo has been camping on an active volcano, waiting for it to erupt. As it finally happened, they literally risked their lives, as they walked into the ocean and shot lava streaming into the water. No special safety equipment was used, except surf-housing for the cameras.






CJ Kale said: “It’s 110F where we were and just 20ft in front of us it was boiling. We have a lot of fun but it’s extremely dangerous and I wouldn’t recommend anyone trying it for themselves”.

Photos by Nick Selway and CJ Kale.





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