Impressive Limestone Towers on the Beach



Twelve Apostles, Victoria, Australia. The continent is a source of natural diversity and wonders. This spectacular spot is no exception. Twelve limestone towers attract many adventurers and photographers.

Constant winds and waves of Southern Ocean have carved these Apostles out of the rocky shore. At first, the never-ending erosion has formed the caves, which in time became these giant stacks, that go up to 45 m.

Today you could count eight actual towers, since the rest have been damaged a lot by erosion. The ninth stack has collapsed in 2005. And the group is being damaged by the waves constantly. So this unique place might be lost soon.


Twelve-Apostles-Victoria-Australia-12-600x338 Twelve-Apostles-Victoria-Australia-6-600x398 Twelve-Apostles-Victoria-Australia-10-600x378 Twelve-Apostles-Victoria-Australia-3-600x381 Twelve-Apostles-Victoria-Australia-11-600x398


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