Neuschwanstein - the Gorgeous Royal Castle in Germany



Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany. It is a 19th century Neo-Romanesque palace. It was build by the commission and funding of Ludwig II of Bavaria. Palace is the homage to famous German composer Richard Wagner.

The location itself is breathtaking: rocky hills surround the castle and enhance its greatness. The tour starts at the servants rooms, that are located in the first floor. The second floor was never finished, therefore today there is a multimedia room, a cafeteria and a shop. Third and fourth floors are the most impressive, since they house the royal apartments and staterooms.






The Hall of the Singers is the biggest room and was the king’s favorite. Its walls are decorated with the scenes from the German novels about Lohengrin and Parzival. The interior in general depicts many scenes and themes from German history.

Ludwig II has built the palace to retreat from the public eye. However, right after his death in 1886 the castle was opened for the visits. From then on, over 60 million visitors have been to Neuschwanstein. You can reach it from the Hohenschwangau village on foot, by bus or by horse-drawn carriage. The palace is definitely one of the most beautiful of the many castles in Europe.








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