Pink Lakes - Rare Natural Wonders



Pink lakes are very rare natural wonders. There are only a few known pink lakes in the world. They all are salty and mesmerizing.

Lake Retba or Lac Rose is an unusual spot in Senegal. Its water has pink color due to the Dunaliella salina algae found in it. However, it does not cause any harm for swimmers. The lake is very salty (40%), allowing to float easily. Its salt content could be compared with that of a Dead Sea. The pink color is especially vivid during the dry season.





Lake Hillier is also a pink lake and it lies in the Recherche Archipelago, Western Australia. Its rose pink color is permanent and does not fade away even in a container. The lake is a mysterious one: scientists still are not sure, what causes the rare color. They guess it could be due to Dunaliella salina and halobacterium.







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