Swim Under The Havasu Falls in Grand Canyon, USA



Havasu Falls, Arizona, USA. In Havasupai Indian Reservation, which is found in the Grand Canyon, there is a beautiful natural wonder – Havasu Falls. The site is not only a treat for the eyes, but also a refreshment for the visitors on a hot day, since it is available to swim in the pool under the falls.

The water amazes with its light blue coloration: it is due to magnesium and calcium. The double stream falls 30.5 meters (100 ft) down in to a pool, which spreads into a few terraces. The average water temperature is a pleasant 21.1 C (70 Fahrenheit) degrees.

The Havasu Creek can be reached from Hualapai Hilltop by hiking or taking a guided tour. The best time to visit is spring and fall, since in summer it might get very hot.

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