The Largest Swimming Pool in the World



World’s Largest Swimming Pool is found in Algarrobo, Chile at the San Alfonso del Mar resort. In December of 2006 it was officially announced as the biggest pool by the Guiness Book of World Records.Largest-Swimming-Pool-in-the-world-2 Largest-Swimming-Pool-in-the-world-3 Largest-Swimming-Pool-in-the-world-8 Largest-Swimming-Pool-in-the-world-9

The enormous swimming pool is 3,323 feet in length and holds 66 million gallons of salt water. It is 115 feet in depth, therefore it is said to be the deepest pool, as well. It cost £1billion to build it. Another £2million are spent every year just to maintain it.

The pool serves as a great place to swim, since the ocean is too cold. The delightful 79 degrees are kept in the pool. However, the vacationers can not only swim in it safely, but also sail boats and simply relax.

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