Top 10 Places to Visit in Rome



Rome – the Eternal City – is a museum on its own. Rich architecture, where every detail is measured, draws attention at every step you make. It is enhanced by the vivid natural colors of the sky and nature, that are extremely bright in Italy. The history, culture, lifestyle and fashion blend well together, creating the feeling of la dolce vita.

10. Museums

The Capitoline Museums is a must see. Explore the famous works of art by Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese, Caravaggio, Bernini. The Villa Borghese, which besides Bernini’s and Titian’s exhibits at the Galleria Borghese, is also famous for its amazing gardens.




9. Italian cuisine

Giolitti Gelateria is the oldest ice cream parlor in Rome, established in 1890. Il Gelato di San Crispino is also a very popular ice café. The traditional Italian pizza Margherita is a must dish and a cup of Italian espresso is a must drink for a foreigner.




8. Via del Governo Vecchio

The heaven for shopaholics: all the most famous Italian designers’ boutiques are placed in this 100 meter shop. Since Italy is the center of fashion, fashionistas would not like to miss this place.


7. Gianicolo

The hill is situated above the Trastevere and the Vatican neighborhood. From here a breathtaking view of Rome opens.



6. Catacombs

The spooky, but remarkable place for those, who are interested in history. The kilometers of tunnel served as a burial place for the dead Christians, that at the time were persecuted. The secret burial started in 2nd century AD. The catacombs of St. Callixtus and St. Domitilla are the most popular.


5. Trevi Fountain

The biggest Baroque fountain in the city is also a worldwide famous spot, after Federico Fellini has shot a scene for his iconic movie La Dolce Vita. Tourists drop coins for a good luck, that later are collected and donated for a charity.



4. Pantheon

The temple was built in 126 AD for all the gods of Ancient Rome. Later it was turned into a Catholic church. It is the best preserved Roman building. The beam of light, piercing through the roof, used to illuminate the entrance at the exact moment the emperor entered the temple.



3. Roman Forum

The spot of well preserved ruins of governmental buildings mark the foundation for Eternal City. The alliance between Romulus and Titus Tatius later turned into a political center of the great Empire.




2. Colosseum

Discover the enormous Ancient Rome arena, where gladiators’ fights were held. The building had 50 000 seats, that could fill up in just 10 minutes. The historic monument stands at the heart of modern Rome.



1. Vatican

The largest church in the world – St Peter’s Basilica – is the Renaissance work of art. The Michelangelo’s frescoes at the Sistine Chapel leave visitors breathless. The Vatican Museums house a vast collection of art, which was seen by 5 million people in 2011. The holy city is a cradle of Western civilization.





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