Top 10 Resorts Around the World


xphilippines-jes-aznar-600x353.jpg.pagespeed.ic.8I-i8dWonT Although summer is slowly moving to its closure, there are some incredible places in the world, where it never ends. If you haven’t gone to a summer vacation yet, we offer you to consider these great resorts. What could rejuvenate better than a relaxing holiday? Scroll through the list, mind travelers, and pick your dream destination.

10. Montenegro

The country has a beautiful Adriatic cost with the long beaches, mountains, canyons and fjords – everything in one place for a relaxing and adventurous vacation. Its popular coastal town Budva is the most popular spot among the tourists with its town-hotel Sveti Stefan. It is a luxurious resort on a separate island with a magnificent private beach. 600x335xMontenegro-Michel-CavalierHemis-600x335.jpg.pagespeed.ic.SLLrnDoom4


9. Nicaragua

The eco-lodges, that have become popular nowadays, have been built around the country recently. For instance,Morgan’s Rock Hacienda and Eco-Lodge spoils with the service, amazing design and the nature itself does the final work to ensure the great vacation. Also, the food tourism to Nicaragua has been flourishing recently.  Morgan’s-Rock-Hacienda-and-Eco-Lodge-Oswaldo-Rivas1-600x335


8. South Africa

The continent offers the most exotic and exciting adventures you can imagine. Try staying at Singita Lodges, that are found not only in South Africa, but also Tanzania and Zimbabwe. The lodge provides a comfortable relaxation after the tour, which explores the wildlife: the guides take tourists close to the lions, zebras, black rhinos, elephants and buffalo.



7. China

Mandarin Oriental is a luxurious resort in southern China’s beach town Sanya. Because of the tropical climate, the spot has become popular among the tourists. The resort offers villas with a striking view to South China Sea and infinity pools.



6. St. Lucia

The island in the Caribbean Sea fascinates with its amazing nature: two volcanic Pitons rise out of the sea, defining the landscape. Heavily visited by the tourists, the island has many great resorts. Ladera Resort is one of the favorites, with a striking view and fresh food right from the farm.




5. Puerto Rico

The Ritz-Carlton opened earlier this year on a Dorado Beach. Walking and biking trails, spa, treehouse massage wing and food prepared by famous José Andrés. The resort ensures the highest quality. Not to mention the beautiful nature and cultural heritage in Puerto Rico.



4. Thailand

The most popular holiday destination in Thailand has a wide range of activities: from historic sites, to entertaining night life, to luxurious resorts. Kupu Kupu resort provides a relaxing retreat for its guests, who are accommodated in the villas right on the beach.




3. The United Arab Emirates

Dubai is one of the most modern cities in the region, located on a coast of the Persian Gulf. The urban life can easily be combined with a relaxing vacation on the beach. The famous and futuristic Palm Island was developed here. Among many resorts, Atlantis The Palm definitely stands out. It also has the rooms with the view to its rich aquarium.



2. French Polynesia

The region is absolutely one of the favorite holiday destinations. Although Bora Bora is probably the most famous, there are other gorgeous islands, as well. Huahine, for instance, will provide you with a quiet vacation. Te Tiare Beach Resort offers a retreat in the bungalows built above the clearest water you will ever see.




1. Philippines

The country has thousands of divine tropical islands with sandy beaches, reefs and surf towns. The Dedon Island Resort on Siargao has combined outdoor activities with a luxurious resort qualities perfectly. It also has an organic local farming to provide its guests with fresh food every day.






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