Top 10 World's Strangest Buildings



Nice architecture not only provides comfortable houses. It shapes the aura of the cities we live in, depicts their mood and pleases our curious eyes. Check out ten world famous buildings, you might want to visit one day.

10. Stone House in Guimarães, Portugal.


The house is made of a concrete mix, which connects two giant stones together. It looks like a stone age home from the Flinstones and attracts thousands of tourists.

9. Kansas City Library in Missouri, USA.


The books lined up in a row, just like in your shelf – the most natural and yet bizarre architectural solution for a library. The building depicts 22 different titles and demonstrates the genre variety.

8. WonderWorks is an Interactive Science Exhibits place


There are four upside down houses located in Florida, Tennessee and South Carolina. The family museum features funny space, physics and math exhibits.

7. Experience Music Project (EMP) in Seattle, WA.


The grunge homeland gives a tribute to music. It organizes various educational programs, features exhibits of national and international musicians, as well as the local bands: Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, Nirvana, etc.

6. The Church of Hallgrimur in Reykjavik, Iceland.


Lutheran church is 244 ft (74.5 m) tall. Its design is said to resemble the lava flows, that have shaped Iceland’s landscape. The impressive building was finished in 1986.

5. Ideal Palace, Hauterives, France.


Its construction started in April 1879 by French postman Ferdinand Cheval. He was inspired by an unusual shape stone. The Palace is an example of naïve art and mixes many styles.

4. Lotus Temple in Delhi, India.



A Bahá’í House of Worship was built in 1986 and reflects some elements of the faith. The building has won many local and international awards for its magnificent architecture. The temple is surrounded by nine ponds.

3. The Dynamic Tower, Dubai, UAE.


It is a 1,378 ft (420 m) height, 80-floor skyscraper. Designed by architect David Fisher, the moving building changes its appearance every minute. Each floor moves separately, 360 degrees per 3 hours.

2. Forest Spiral in Darmstadt, Germany.


The amazing building was designed by famous Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser. It is an actual 105 apartment building. It is U-shaped and grass, shrubs, flowers and trees are planted on its sloping roof.

1. La Pedrera (Casa Milà) in Barcelona, Spain.



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